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Welcome to RootedChristain, Christian Books & Bibles

RootedChristain - Your Christian Warehouse Retail store - where you get awesome prices on the Internet, in store, by phone, or by catalog!! We work hard to give you great deals all day every day.

Whether you are an individual, or a Christian Ministry such as a Church, you will find great discounts in our store. Our heart is to help customers get the best possible price on all our items so that you can donate more to missions, outreach and other important ministries. Most of our products are discounted between 20% and 50% everyday. And you will be pleased to find that we have the best prices out there. We're not a secular retailer dabbling in Christian products. We live, breath and love Christian Products. They are our life!

We try hard to save you money. Our Life Application Study bibles are on sale all the time - and we just reduced the prices even more. You will also find excellent reductions on our NIV, KJV, NKJV and Amplified Bibles (We love the Amplified Bible!!). A huge selection of purity rings in Stainless Steel and Sterling Silver are now reduced 40% - but only while stocks last. This is a one of a kind price reduction that wont be repeated! We've also worked hard with our fiction line, reducing most adult fiction by 35% or more from the list price. So if you are a book maven, then be sure to stock up on some awesome Christian Fiction by the very best authors and writers! Our buyers have also been busy slashing prices on Church Bulletins, Communion Supplies and Artistic Communion Trays (which are proudly made in America!!).

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